snake creek mx

Anybody heading to snake creek anytime soon? On their website it says they have a new 10 commandments section and some other changes.. Its also scheduled for grooming and watering this Sat and Sunday.. I heard some bad things since i was there in December about the owner not keeping up with the tracks. When i was there i loved it and it was a real nice tracks. So I'm going to give it a shot maybe this Sunday. I wish it wasnt 90 degrees though

If you go give a post on how the changes were if there were any and what kind of shape the track is in it was good the first two times I went but the last two times I went was a few months ago now because it wasn't kept up with

please give a report if you go as I would like to check this place out as well.

Tim....are you the guy I was riding Budds Creek with on August 3rd?


Tim....are you the guy I was riding Budds Creek with on August 3rd?


That was me and it was a good day:thumbsup:

I didn't go this past weekend.. if I can I'm going to try to make it to snake creek this weekend or seaford.

cool, let us know if you make snake creek.

tim - let me know when you go to BD. hopefully I can meet you guys there.


If everything goes good with work I will be trying to make it for the twilight thursday 4-7 pm and then will probably go over the weekend also I will let you know what day when I figure it out for myself.

wtf is the 10 commandments section

its a famous rhythm section that originated at the lorettas. a lot of tracks try to recreate it and use the same name

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