Gate in Baja

Let me go on record as stating I agree with Tim about protecting Baja. We need to respect the land & it's people down there. It is special & we should all work at keeping it that way. I was pissed someone gave him bad gas about it. I even tried to add gas but I guess I had already in the past cuz' out came a pop up that said,"You must spread some Reputation around before giving it to BajaBoundMoto again." I was talkin to the T.Lee (aka Desert Yeti) & we both believe it was the quad lurkers. :lol:

Anyway lets turn this thing around by being part of the solution down there. We're contacting Sue Johnson at Score to see what their take on how to keep those ranchers happy. I personally feel that cattle guards & cattle crossings are the way to go to help these guys. I don't like shutting 30 gates in a ride, it gets old. Most of the ranchers are just trying to keep their cattle on their property, thats the main reason for the the tree limb gates w/barb wire. If we helped sponsor a cattle crossing/ cattle gate I know it would make an impact down there.

Now I'm not saying this is the only way to approach this but I think that maybe we can all get involved with this in the form of a donation to this site for the benefit of all. It is called:

Scaroni Family / SMD Motorsports is doing this project. They weld a plague on it to let people know who paid for it. I think it would be cool to get a Thumpertalk gate sponsored down there. :thumbsup:

Preferrably somwhere near Erendira where we always stay. :busted:

These guys already have a gate sponsored:

Scaroni Family / SMD Motorsports

Rick & Brenda Johnson / Agave Racing / Competitve Door & Finish

Steve "Seve" Bourgeois / DP Racing

Ted Moncure / Long Beach Racers

Darren Hardesty / Hardesty Motorsports

Cameron & Clyde / Desert Assassins

Scotty you want to take up the collection plate for a good cause? I think it is like $300-$400 for a gate. Check out the website & see what you think. I know we can get $400 from all the people on the Baja site.

Count me in

way to step it up...lets allow this thread brew for a few days and take a census.

If everyone ponies up 20 bucks, we'd get er done pretty quick. I want to see what everyone else thinks about this...

A) A good idea to get involved with

B) A waste of time and $ (too much activism)

what do the senores have to say...?








You can count me in........just PM me.

I'm with WD1965. Just let me know where to send the cash!

And thanks to Thorpey for clearing up the confusion, and to Nexrace for the Positive thinking!

I think this is a quality idea. I just bought one in the name of my company. Seems like the least we can do to give back to a land and people that have treated us so kindly and for so long... :thumbsup:

This is really impressive and hats off to Thorpy and Co. for bringing this to the table...

What we might do (starting next week) is have guys (and gals) send checks payable to "Adopt A CattleGuard"...memo TT Baja

I will volunteer to collect the funds (pursuant to TT regulations) and give the forum a running tally and how much more to go (weekly) I think we can get this finished (checks in hand) by the end of the month.

I won't give the mailing address until a handful of you tell me its okay...

I'm heading down south (to Jacumbe) and won't be back til Sunday night...

everyone have a bitchen weekend.

Thanks again to everyone.



WAY TO GO :applause: ... taking a previous thread and elaborating the positive on it!!! :thumbsup:

I'm sure I can get near the amount for a C-Guard all on my own! Don't quote that just yet however. :D

(I'm working on it as I type... I'd hope to know before end of next week)


I do have one question however...

When I give enough money to buy a gate... how do they decipher to whom the gate goes to and where?!

There's nothing about this on the site, it's somewhat vague... Maybe I'll give them a call or email.

I am in. This is a great idea and a good cause. Scotty PM me with info on how to get you some funds.

I really aplaud this effort and hope that cattle guards are acceptable compromises for rancher concerns.

However, my family belongs to a growing population of middle class residents in Baja who live on or near off-road friendly dirt roads. And our concerns are more related to excessive speed, congestion & dust control. I am thankful that we are too far from Cabo for the 20+ quad tours. But, some group motorcycle tours rip thru town with little regard for the local residents. :thumbsdn:

If you are not going to stop in town for a cold beverage, how about sponsoring an off-road friendly "Slow Your :censored: Down" sign for sensitive areas? If we make the topes any higher, the service vehicles won't come out; i.e. Caligas, trash, beer,...etc.:thumbsup:

this is also a great idea. What town do you guys riside in BeachBusker? Please, count me in with the $20 donation.

This sounds good. Cattle Guards out on the ranges and Slow Down signs for small towns. I'm in. Steny:ride: :thumbsup:

Busker - If these are real Pay for the Trip Tours [Haynes, Steward, Morton, Anderson, Santana et al.] Please try to put a name to the guys who race through your town and let the world know!

If these are just groups of guys who get together for a "who cares special" ride and they are just butt-heads to begin with, not much can be done about it. Unfortunately, there are more and more of the latter these days.

There are some groups, like the Ancianos [who have been riding Baja since most of the current crop of Baja riders were born] who put on special rides, but those guys know the ropes and do not make waves; they go out of their way to be good neighbors with the ejidos.

Anyway, what you describe should not be tolerated! Tom

Baja Tom.

You need to learn some simple basic manners.

Have you personally witnessed a tour group ripping through a town in baja?

If you have then spout your mouth....if not zip it up.... instead of starting a stink by listing names. Give me a friggin break!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :p :p :p :p :p

I'm in for the cattle guard, maybe we could get more than one.

I'm sure we can raise enough for at least two, my brother and I are going to pay for one seperately thru our First-Aid Kit business.


Anyway, what you describe should not be tolerated! Tom

Tom, the greatest aspect to Baja is the amount of tolerance. We really want you to stop at Nancy's and try our Margaritas. And since I'm sure no-one here drinks & rides, check out for accomodations.

Seriously, I am just as guilty as the next rider. Where 45mph may seem reasonable on a m/c, 15-20 is prefered where topes are installed. If the dogs aren't chasing you, you are going too fast. When you hit the edge of town, feel free to let 'er rip.

Oh, I learned from Mike Kay not to point fingers.:busted:

I'm in Scotty, just let us know where to send the $'s when it's time. Not sure how it is determined where the cattle guards go first, but I would hope that they would target areas in northern Baja that stand the most likely chance of being shut down and routes that are most important to connect with other trails. This would be a great ongoing project/cause from year to year as well.

Bluehorse, I apologize. I meant no harm. Busker told of a problem involving "group motorcycle tours". If the guys who "rip through town" can be identified, isn't it best that they be asked to stop the "excessive speed, congestion, and dust"?

And Busker, I hope the situation in your town gets better, nobody needs more topes (or MK's).

Apology accepted Baja Tom. :thumbsup:

I'm in for a cattleguard also.

if this happens with the cattle guards, who is installing them? if it's TT'ers

i volunteer a weekend. (maybe get some riding in at the same time?)applause:

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