bbr carb kit

does the bbr carb kit have to use the stock choke


NO!!!! Thats one of the main reasons we junk the stock ttr carb. But look for the 200x carb kit first unless you already have the 150 bbk.

as in the 80s honda ATV carb?

Yes, but you need the 1983-1985 carb.

Are any mods needed to make the 200x carb work on a TTR? Jetting changes?

You will need a BBR carb adapter, a cr85 throttle cable, and some new jets. I ran a 20 pilot, and 120 main. Ran strong. Search for it if you need more info.

i used everything else stock off the dnt need a 85 throttle cable!


i used a yz 85 cable but the stock ttr didnt work on the 200x carb

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