New to Omaha Flagstaff trip

I am a new to Omaha trailrider from Arizona, I am new to riding on this slippery stuff made of dust and water, River valley was fun last month before the rain, but now it was no fun. Where should I try riding after we have rain? In Arizona rain meant firm sand, no dust, and no forest fires. Also I am planning to go to Flagstaff Az for a long weekend in august to meet some buddies and ride the peaks, If anyone is interested in splitting gas to go I have a crew cab and a popuptoyhauler with room for two or three more. Flagstaff is 7000 to 11000 ft temps range 60-80 high 30-50 low. my scedule is flexibl;e. If interested call marty@(402)445-4025

Man...did you screw the pooch moving from AZ to NE :p . This is my home and I love it, but the riding areas are pretty scarce.

- RV is the quickest local spot to get a riding fix satisfied. As you've already experienced, the mud totally SUCKS! I HATE that place after a bunch of rain, but it is pretty okay since it's only $15/bike/year to ride there (can't beat that.)

- There are a few private areas that cost anywhere from $250-ish to $1000-ish a year, if you're interested in "membership" thing.

- There are a couple of MX tracks within an hour of Omaha also...again, if you're interested in MX.

- We're in D-22 here. There are several Enduros and Harsecrambles, through the year, that are within a few hours. Checkout . My son and I plan on doing the Winterset and Bartlett enduros.

Hope to see you in the trails. My son and I are looking at possibly riding River Valley tomorrow morning. There's another thread going (Omaha Riders..) that I'll post to. I have a green Ford Ranger. I ride a Honda 450 and my son rides a KTM 200. If you see us, please let us know. We'll get a ride or two in together.

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