Better rear tire..Maxxis IT or Dunlop 952 ?

Which is better for trails? Hard packed, a lot of stones both small and large. There is light mud when it rains but definately nothing too deep. Also, no deep sand.

I'd go with the maxxis IT. its a great tire.

I think the Dunlop wears to quick, I have one on my rm 250.

Just slapped on a set of maxxis It. Had them for about two weeks now. I also ride lots of nasty rock gardens. Awesome tires!!!

I have never run a Maxxis....but do enjoy the wear and performance of the 952 in the desert.

I have tried both tires, and while the Maxxis is an excellent tire I prefer the 952. The 952 works decently as a all-round tire, is much easier to mount, and is much lighter in weight.

i run a maxxis down in mexico, no flats, over a 1000 miles with almost 300 pavment miles on my last tire. hands down a great tire!!!

Where are each of the tires strong and weak? (terrain)

I've run both and its really a toss up. Both tires are very similar when new, the Maxxis lasts longer but is quite a bit heavier and not fun to mount. If you dont mind the extra unsprung weight of the Maxxis then I would go that route. The 952 is a good desert tire, is much easier to mount, its definately lighter and lasts quite a while, just not as long as the Maxxis.

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