Best front tire for trails?

What's the best front tire for trails. Hard packed!, alot of stones!, some mud when it rains..nothing too deep, and no deep sand neither.

Maxxis IT.

Maxxis IT front sucks. The rear is a good tire but the front IT blows.

Ok, kenda carlsbad or millville.

Ok, kenda carlsbad or millville.


MH3 Front and Rear......

What about the pirelli mt18 and mt16?

The Dunlop 956RR is a great tire, although pricey...

Pirelli MT 18 is good in the front, EXCEPT in the sand. It's a shi**y tire in the sand, but you said no sand, so.........Great in hard packed rocky places. Not too bad on pavement, either.

MH3 Front and Rear......

the best out there! :thumbsup:

Dunlop 739 FAJ

Michelin M12 or Perelli scorpion Pro.

Mike :thumbsup::ride:

I'm with ya on the m12 my brotha. i have one on the DRZ.:thumbsup:

dunlop front tire ive tried yet. I have a friend who races says the 755 is better yet...Im going to try one next.

dunlop front tire ive tried yet.

I love the 756 front!:applause:

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