what pro-circuit clamps do i have

bottom clamp reads hbc05450

top clamp reads htc05450

got em on ebay, they are pretty, but i was hoping for an offset, like the seller described. can you tell by looking at them?

I'd call Pro Circuit and see what they have to say about part numbers.

I would imagine you could take the top clamp off and compare it to the one ones you bought.

Lay the ones you bought on top of the stock one, and line up the steering stem hole. If the fork tube holes line up perfectly, then they're 24mm. If the fork tube holes are off by a little bit, they're 22mm offset. If they're off more than that, they're 20mm offset.

What did the seller say they were as far as the offset?

the part numbers should correspond with the clamp on their website...


I could be wrong , but i think all pro circuit clamps that are other then stock offset are 20mm.

supposed to be 20m offset. I looked at their website, and did a mock purchase, and the bill, showed a different part number. Ill go and pull the stockers off now.

ok, installed the lower p.c. clamp, and the stock top will not line up with the steering stem, so thats good, ive got an offset, just not sure how much. Now i just need to get some bar clamps, as my stock ones are bottoming out before the nut gets tight, i need more threads, any ideas?

I'd say the clamps are 20mm offset, because I don't think Pro Circuit makes 22mm offset clamps for the CRF.

What about your bar clamps, I don't really understand what you're asking?

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