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Just wondering if anyone can help me out. I've been riding at Freetown for about two years now about twice a week,both loops. I've heard that Wrentham and franklin were good spots too. I went to franklin and did the loop across from the water tower. Boy did that suck. Then went straight down the road. Great trail but it led to a street with no visable path on yhe other side.(did not drive on the street like a s**thead to find a path. Then today I went to wrentham with a buddy of mine and went on both sides and found nothing but narly rock climbs. Don't get me wrong we had a blast!! I'm just wondering where are all these great sand pits and fastttt single tracks Iread about on here. Any info greatly aprreciated. ( I'm 32 years old and respect the places I ride.) Sorry for the long post.

Wrentham, Freetown and Foxboro are all full of rocks. You pay to register your bike and have horrible places to ride.

I know of a nice sand track in Bellingham. It is illegal but deep in the woods.

We have never been bothered there. Last year Bret Metcalf was practing there with Dowdy.

I have another track that is legal but do not want to post.

that sand track in Bellingham isnt the same one behind a certian home improvement store is it?

I've got to enjoy the challenge of the rocks that the MA state parks offer. Getting back into off-road riding at 33 has been the most fun I've had in years. A street-bike accident this summer prompted my return to the woods, and haven't looked back. Keep trying Wrentham and Foxboro, it gets easier, but not necessarily faster.

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