WR rear fender on a TE?

I've got an '07 TE510 and need a new rear fender. The one on my bike cracked in half and is currently wired together. Instead of replacing the broken fender with a new one of the same type (the stock version), I was thinking about trying to avoid that low-hanging license plate section. The license plate section of the fender is the reason that it's broken to begin with.

I'm sure a TC rear fender would fit, but I think the WR rear fender has a tail light (but no low hanging license plate section). Keeping the tail light would be ideal.

Does anyone know if a '07 WR rear fender will fit on an '07 TE? I'm thinking that I can figure something out for the license plate when I need it.

Am I wrong about the WR having a tail light? Is this a good idea? What's the downside?

Thanks in advance,


WR/CR/TC fender will fit, butWR fender top tailight(Acerbis Molsoft) doesn't come with the fender, you have to buy it seperate. The fender top is a pain to change bulbs when they blow(and they will blow). The simplest solution... UFO Husky enduro fender, it has a drop LED tailight/plate mount right on it for about $50. I have yellow '05> style on my '02 WR125 and it's sweet.


I put a TC fender on when I am not on a Dual Sport ride, I put a quick disconnect plug in the wire harness, pull the plug and a few bolts and change fenders. Saves buying new turn signals every ride.

Thanks very much.

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