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What tire is the best for durability for rocky type terrain and wont run me in the :eek:. There is a bridgestone on my bike right now but he is like a street tire at the momeny and I need a new tire that will last for a long time.

Also how long can the bike be kept 5th gear on the bar for without having to worry about the motor going :eek:.


Try the bridgestone M22, it is a good tire that has a long life. It is specifically designed for Hard Terrain.

Never held mine WO for more than 4-5 seconds, to afraid of melting my piston. Not sure how long you can go for.

i have had my 125 WOT in top gear for a few seconds.. but no more..

i have had my 125 WOT in top gear for a few seconds.. but no more..

"Dont get scared.. just give it more throttal"

Why no more? Did you get scared? Cuz then you should have given it more throttle, right? :bonk:

I slay myself. Oh yeah and change 'throttal' to the correct spelling of the word, 'throttle'

Just lookin out for a fellow TT'er!

I usually just have it WOT for a few seconds then slow down, but drag racing today I had the thing WOT for about 15-20seconds, and I hated it. but beats loosing lol

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