swing arm! need help

I bent the swing arm on my 06 250f. I have a 07 swing arm off a 450, my question is will this swing arm fit? Thanks

How on earth do you bend a swing arm?

How on earth do you bend a swing arm?

...and not get hurt?

I don't know if the swing arm will fit. Sorry. :excuseme:

damn skippy..or he baught it liek that and the oreviosu owner is now incapacitated

I am not sure but try it , It should

i'm guessing it would fit but i want to see some pics of this bent swingarm!

ever heard of trying it? yu have to take the old one off anyway so why not try put the 450 one on? i think they will be the same

thanks for the help guys it was a bad crash at Zaca Station.

ouch! Hope you're ok.

Damn dude! That must have been a hell of a crash to bend a swing arm! I have never heard of or seen a swing arm bend before EVER:crazy:

pics? :eek:

how are the rim/hub/spokes looking? :cry:

Haha I find it funny how he asks for help but everybody just wants to see pictures of the swingarm:lol:

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