Help with brake bleeding

I just did a front master cylinder rebuild kit and installed a new braided steel line and cannot get all the air bubbles all out. This is why I did the master cylinder kit. The brakes still seem a little mushy. How much fluid does the system hold? Anyone have any ideas or tips? I understand the concept; pump the lever and hold, open the bleed screw and re tighten before releasing. The little bubbles just keep coming out.

Bleed the system the best way you can and dont worry about the feel. Make sure all the air is out using normal means.

Fix the feel this way. Depress the brake lever. Hold it in place overnight.

You can do it yourself, hire someone, or use a zip ty. Duct tape is good as well. Tape that lever to the grip.

The brake will be perfect. Dont know why this works so well, but it does. It even works on cars.

It will not work if you have huge air pockets in the system, but it is more like putting the finishing touches on the system.

I always pressure bleed the brake, attach a large syringe to the brake caliper and force the brake fluid up into the reservor. You need to hold the lever in and crack the bleed nipple the same way.

Or if you have an old set of bars take the reservor of and attach it to the old bars then put the old bars lower than the caliper and bleed as per normal.

The issue is trying to force the air down when it wants to rise.

another little tip is to tap the brake line with the handle of a screwdriver or the boxed end of a wrench, while squeezing the lever with the valve open.

Thanks for all the tips. I held the brake lever below the caliper and bleed some more. Seemed to do the trick. I have some tape wrapped around the lever and the bar and see how it feels tomorrow.

Interesting...keep us posted on how much it changes the feel.

Thanks for all the tips. I held the brake lever below the caliper and bleed some more. Seemed to do the trick. I have some tape wrapped around the lever and the bar and see how it feels tomorrow.

A wonderful secret is to take your brake bleeding hose you put on the bleeder screw and zipty a loop into it. I'm no physics pro so I won't try to explain it. But I can tell you it works wonderfully.

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