who makes a complete yz seat?

I know there is the IMS and stocker. Who else? Anyone make a complete (base, foam, and cover) gripper seat with a wide, reasonably soft foam? It seems like it costs quite a bit more if you buy the base, foam, and cover separately. I look forward to your comments/suggestions.


For complete seats the only people i know of are IMS and Yamaha. Ceet makes the seat for IMS you might call them they may have a complets setup but probably have a deal with IMS which prevents it.



Im not sure if your intrested or not but I have a yz std. seat foam (stock) and a yz seat cover, (stock) I would sell.

I bought the whole stock setup just for the YZ base.

I needed a tall seat so out went the foam.

And I had an aftermarket graphics kit so I didnt use the cover either.

Neither has ever been used.

All you would need to purchase is the base.

Let me know if your intrested. Thanks!


Darin from Missouri 1999 WR400F

[This message has been edited by milkman2544 (edited 07-30-2000).]

How much for the base and seat foam milkman2544? They are both new, right?

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