I just wanted to pass on the great customer service I just recieved from ridenow.com. I am in no way affiliated with the company but had an issue with the gel seat I recently purchased for my DR650 that had a defect.

When I recieved the initial seat it had several discolorations on the seat cover and a small tear in the tail underneath that I noticed immediatly when I removed it from the plastic. I thought oh great. Well I emailed ridenow and explained and also attached some digital pictures I took. I asked if they would send me a new seat cover and I would take care of it. Instead they sent me a return UPS label to send it back to inspect it. This was about 2 weeks ago.

Well, I just recieved a call from one of their customer service reps who was questioning me about the seat, asking if i used any chemicals on it or trying to explain how the seat cover got to that condition or if I had done it. In my head Im thinking "Great they are not going to exchange it". I politely said that it was like that out of the box, that I am very maticulous with my things as I own a couple high dollar classic cars that are impecable and I take great care in insuring my toys are immaculantly kept. She then put me on hold for about a minute then returned and said they were sending me a replacement seat. :thumbsup:

I took a sigh of releif and told them that their customer service was great. I thought I would pass on this as most company's we deal with usually get blasted..



How does the seat feel?

I didnt get a chance to ride on it but I did put it on the bike and sit on it before returning it to see how much lower the bike felt. I say that the seat feel was better than the stock seat, but cant say anything about riding conditions yet.

My only complaint with ridenow is the can be very slow to ship. The prices are very competitive. I have spent thousands with them over the years.

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