Take a look at this lovelyness

Pretty huh?






Can you say rebuild?

The jug looks good though, right? There is no scoring or signs of blowby. I can't feel any lower end rod or crank play but there is some in the upper end. How can I know if the play is the rod, pin or piston without a guage?

Thanks for the show and tell

very cute. time for high comp setup.. maybe stroker kit! :D In my dreams eh.

depending on the hrs on the bike I wouldn't worry about measuring the cylinder... It looked fine to me, but it wouldn't hurt.

From the pictures everything looks to be fine, but why is there so much carbon on the piston? Is it running a bit rich, or is that just the pump gas?

As for the play, you shouldn't be able to move the piston up and down when it is attached to the con rod. If you can, I would measure out the ID of the upper con rod and make sure it is within spec.

What about the valve train... If the valves haven't moved, you could just leave it alone, but if it were me, I would take it apart to clean/inspect everything...

And yes, its time for that J&E High comp piston kit :thumbsup:, TT store has them for around $150.........But a stocker/OEM one will do perfectly fine :ride:

My intakes zeroed out and there was some grime in my carb. So either bad pump gas (which I run premium) or my KnN air filter had something to do with it. There is some left to right on the lower end of the rod but it should do that, right?

if you push the rod left and right, it should have play...

As for the K&N filter, yes they are known to let dirt/dust through, that is the one of the reason why your intakes zeroed... I would huck the K&N in the trash and pick up a twin air airfilter and some Belray or Maxima FFT foam filter oil...

For the cylinder head, I would send it out to get the seats cut and new valve guides installed... For the intake valves, I would pick up the faction MX intake valve kit, it comes with Stainless steel valves with a Black nitride coating, springs, retainers and cotters. So basically everything you need for the intake side of the head. The kit is around $165 ish...

You will need to pick up new OEM guides (4) and seals (4)...

For the exhaust side I would pick up some new OEM exhaust valves (2), springs (2), retainers (2) and cotters (2 sets)...

Don't forget about getting new cylinder head and cylinder gaskets also...


I checked the clearance between the lower end and crank and its over spec so I guess now Hot Rods here I come. I couldn't feel play in the crankbearings but there is play on the counter balance shaft. I'm guessing that's not good. The shaft didn't look like it had wear or galling so could it be the bearings or is some play there normal? I wouldn't think so but I'll have to read the manual.

Here's what I wrought today


I hate removing old gaskets

Not so bad for a first timer. Well at least i got it all apart. Waiting on crank, bearings, seals, piston, head work and then will reassemble. I guess then we'll see how I did

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