Gel seat

Looking to get more toes on the ground. Does Gel Seat really give you 1.5" lowering? How is comfort vs. stock seat?

Jeff - SF, CA

Hey Jeff,,,

Yea it does lower it some,,,,,

About the shape,,,, ehhh I didn't like it,,,,, I had a HUMP in the middle of the pad that kept makin' me slide up to the front and crush me nutzz:crazy:

So I saved me $$ and got the Corbin,,,, Now that is a nice seat......

Gel is better than stock but can't touch the Corbin Saddle....

How much you want to spend on your ARSS ?

i would get 2 corbins if they weren't so stinking heavy.

as it is, I'm looking for an electric bread knife... just bought a big sheepskin and plan to do two seats for my 2 DR's.

The stock seat is rounded across the top... not good. If you cut it flat, so you really get the use of the entire width, it makes a big diff.

Also, re: lowering etc you can do whatever you want, but Guts racing sells short and tall foam in several grades [hard to soft] for the DR350, and the DR350 seat dimension are the same as 650. 59 bucks for [in this case] short foam.

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