2001 exc250?

Looking at buying my friend's '01 exc 250. He has ridden it a lot, just trails, and now has a new 450exc and wants to sell the old bike.

rides well, nothing really stood out to me except it needs a new front brake master cylinder and the jetting needs to be adjusted. He has replaced the fork seals 2 times, new chain and sprockets, fairly new exhaust and tires. He is also very particular about cleaning the bike after each ride. He has never touched the engine as far as I know. It didn't smoke more than what seems normal for a two stroke.

Is there anything I should look at before I would buy it? How much $$ would I be looking at to rebuild the engine (I am new to owning my own 2-stroke but not motorcycles) and should I do that soon with the bike being 8 years old?

I have been searching a lot now with no luck and ktmtalk does not like my non-free email :excuseme: ,help would be greatly appreciated

If all it needs is a top end, less than $150. You'll probably have to disassemble and clean the powervalve--they get gummy quick. If he's *never* done it, you might want to, but as long as it's still running well (that could be the cause of the jetting issues, too) it's not imperative.

Other than that, I wouldn't mess with the bottom end unless you can hear that it needs to be done. Mine's the same year and I'd still be on my factory crank if I hadn't filled the engine with water in north Idaho a couple years ago.

BTW, you can e-mail the admin at KTMtalk and ask him to allow your e-mail address. He's just trying to keep out spammers and people who sign up once to use the classifieds.

Thats what I needed to know, Thanks!

Those are pretty solid motors. Like was said, if anything maybe a top-end job. There are a few things I always recommend checking on used KTM's:

Shock heim bushing- place bike on a center stand. Slowly move the swingarm up and down near the rear wheel. You're feeling for a little play in the bushing. It might need to be replaced.

Wheel Bearings- Place the bike on a center stand. slowly move the wheel side to side if possible. It there is play it means wheel bearings. The stock wheel spacers are aluminum. They are better off being replaced by hard anodized spacers.

Swingarm and steering head bearings- I like to pull apart the steering heard and grease them every season. The swingarm bearings should also be checked.

There's not a whole lot of cost involved with those issues. I'd just watch for fluid weeping out from the fork seals and clean out those dust covers.

I had an '01' 250SX that I raced hard for 5 years. I had over 700 races on it and I can't even guess how many practice hours on it. I never had a problem with it. I would replace the shock heim and rear wheel bearings on it every two years. I crushed several pipes and bent a set of triple clamps by crashing to hard. I think I went through 4 spark plugs in 5 years.

That bike was rock solid and fast as a rocket ship. It was faster than my '06' 250SX is. I wish I had never sold the '01' but my son needed a new bike.

If the EXC is half the bike my SX was you will love it!

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