motocross stunt video...

I'd say he's a cool goon. He rides MX, how uncool could he be? he he:applause:

I'd say he's a cool goon. He rides MX, how uncool could he be? he he:applause:

stunt video... :D

stunt video... :D

Oh ya. thanks for pointing that out. After further consideration I condemn thee to goon.:applause:



"G" to the double "O" to the "N"

it was a vid of someone trying to learn a stoppie......but i will give him benifit of the doubt because he is on a green bike! lol


goon, but deffinatly has potential for being cool.

He probly needs brake pads now.

meh, just some kid practicing some stoppies havin fun.

I don't really think he's a goon. He's just learning.

am i the only one that really wants to go pipe it through a few gears and blow that plug off? i cant stand slow stuff on 2 strokes...

y dont u guys chill on him. hes having fun and screwing around. u guys are so critical.

Why would he call it a stunt video when he cant even do 1 stunt correctly.

I thought it was good for what it was.

if your asking who is a goon then i think all of us have a little goon in us

saw a kid in 125b class this past weekend at a local race that was soo far ahead of the group did goon riding the entire final lap. i wish i had my video ready for that, it was hilarious!!! i couldn't stop laughing.

this kid is not a goon, be is trying to learn a trick and got EVERY attempt on vid. not a great vid, but if he gets the trick and then puts that with a little goon riding he has potential to be super cool!

Kids just learning how to do stopies, and he has full gear on.:thumbsup:

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