James D. EKP Needle + Options


Is there a needle that starts the taper a little later then the EK* or EM* needle. I would like the get a EPP, ERP or a ESP for experimentation. Now ESP thats got to be the needle I can imagin it doing everthing well.



Out of the possible combinations only -

EKN, EMN, ---


EKQ, ---, EVQ


There is little point in getting all the combinations because they are only different in the position of where the taper starts or clip position. Moving the clip will give the same result. For example EPP#4 equals ERP#5 equals ETP#6(***if these needles were actually made***). ESP would be at 1/2 clip position between ERP and ETP. This gets to be splitting hairs, but Honda has done this on their CR250's as options for REALLY fine tuning.

The OBEK- and OBEV- are anodized aluminum and are Yamaha needle options for YZ's. The OCEM- and OCEVQ/OCEVR needles are brass and are available from Sudco or Carb Parts Warehouse.

-EMN, EMP, and EMR needles cover the range for most possibilities and allow modification since they are an unplated brass.

James Dean

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:):D:D:D Here it is Clark.

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