My boots are too big!!

well i used to have a dirtbike about a year ago (crf250r) and after having it for a few days i realized i needed some good boots. so i ordered some sg10s. Well in the week or so that it took the boots to get to my house i tore and stretched the tendons in my s.i. joint playing basketball. so when i got the boots riding was the last thing on my mind. i couldnt do anything for around 12 weeks, and all i wanted to do was get healed so i could get better for aau basketball. During that 12 weeks i sold my bike and forgot about the boots. Well now a year later i bought a used yz 125 to mess around on and i remembered i had bought some sg 10s. However when i tried them on i realized they were WAY to big. they are size 13s and i guess the reason that i ordered them that big was because the shoes i wore when i ordered them were size 13s. However i have since found out that those shoes were freakishly small 13s and that i really wear somewhere between a 11-12. so i have been trying to find ways to make them work and im stumped. i have put in some bigger insole insert things, I have tried wearing up to 3 pairs or socks and their still to big. When i say there to big i mean that there is alot of room in the toe box between the end of my toes and the end of the boots. Therefore when i try to ride i have alot of trouble geting my foot under the shifter and a big problem with locking up the rear brake by accident, i guess because empty boot is pressing down on it. Im guessing i cant return them because i bought them over a year ago and i dont know if i have the reciept still. I thought for a while that they might improve after i broke them in but they havent so far. I also heard that sg10s pretty much always feel the same even after you brake them in. What do you guys think i should do, try to sell them? Anyone wanna trade their too small boots? lol. I have only rode in them for like roughly two hours if that.

sorry for such a long post guys but i needed to vent. I need to get some boots so that i can protect my feet when i ride!

Put em on eBay and sell them, take the money and buy something that fits. You really need someone to tell you to do this?


yea i was kinda wondering if anyone had any way possible to make them fit better but im pretty sure that there isnt. if i put them on ebay wha

t do u think i should ask?

Kinda off-topic... But how do you like the 125 over the 250F?

well i didnt really get enough seat time on my crf to get 100% comfortable on it but heres how i would say how they compare.



-Felt faster in the low to mid range, about the same on top. Could be lugged around. Great handling.


-Feels Heavier than 125, more expensive if something went wrong, had to worry about valves and burning oil.



-feels very light, fun two stroke power, great handling, seems to be reliable (other than fouling a couple plugs), much cheaper to buy and maintain.


-not as fast as 250fs, cant be lugged around like a fourstroke, have to premix gas (which doesnt bother me but it does some people),

So since i just ride for fun i think that the 125 is a better fit for me. However, if i had the money to keep up a 250f, or i was a racer, that is probabley what i would have.

anyone have any idea for what i should ask for the sg 10s. They probably dont even have two hours on them.

you could probably get 180 depending ono what they look like. I can get them new for 240

stuff tissue paper in the toes and use inserts to take up the room. Too big is better than too small

i have sort of the same problem with boots i have purchased for my 5 year old son!!! he is having trouble getting his foot under gear lever!!! so i will try putting a longer lever on SEE HOW WE GET ON.. GOOD LUCK WITH YOUR BOOTS:cheers:

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