Killer Motosports?

I bought a bike from them. Their stuff is crap. I have broken my shock (in two), My chain broke within 5 minutes of riding, MY engine tore up the third gear and now I don't have one, and not an hour ago my exhaust weld came loose and my muffler fell off while doing some motard (without third gear in must add). They did give me a 6 month warranty, however they didn't cover SH!T.. I told them I didn't have a third gear, brought my bike up to their shop in Euless and they handed me a third gear countershaft and told me they wanted $650 to put it in... I would NOT do any business with them AT ALL! :thumbsdn: /rant

EDIT: plus you can get a MUCH better bike for $1800

Was it one of their custom bikes that you bought or one that they sold on the site?

Which one did you buy?

My brother and I both bought Orion AGB29 motards from them in March. They told us they were new and what we got were 2005 models. I asked them for a 12" front wheel and they sent me the wrong bearing diameter, the wrong rotor, no rotor bolts. They claimed they fit everything up already for me. They recommended a set of handguards they would not work. The list goes on. I believe they intended to do the right thing, but they were just out of their league and a bit inexperienced. I am not sure about their custom bikes though. If they had told me from the beginning that they did not know how to fix my issues, that would have been fine, but instead they just kept saying "I have just the right parts for you." Just be careful is all I can say.

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