motor swap

i have a1983 xr200r motor blew are there any other motor options out the that will fit in this bike 200 250 350 mabe a 400 thanks dont know much about his bike just got it thanks james

any 86 and on 2 valve motor should work fine. i blew up my 82 xr200r and i am using engine parts from a 1990 to create one working engine to use in the 1990 frame

will an 86 motor bolt right up?

Be careful, after 83 they went to the twin carb RFVC's for 84/85, these will not fit an 83 frame. Also later on (maybe it was from 86 onwards) they switched back to the single carb motor but changed to a different frame layout to the pre 84 bikes, although the 80-83 motors are more or less identical to the 86 and on single carb motors internally the outer castings are a little different in some areas and I'm not sure that they bolt straight up to the 83 and earlier frames. I'm not sure of the exact details of this but it would pay to find out....................

Post this in the 200 forum, Someone on here will know.................

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