Suspension help? Who do I go with?

My freind and I want to get the suspension done on our 07 yz 450s. My friend called Enzo out in California and said he thought the guy sounded like he just got done token up. He then called Factory Connection and after a great conversation with them realized that it will be just around $800. I told him to call MX Tech wich he did and said the conversation was good and it would be around $600. Who do we go with????:banghead:

neither...factory connection for around the mx tech price

enzo is the yamaha specialist but pricier for decent work

where FC is a great balance between price and performance, in fact many call it the best :thumbsup:

I went with a smaller shop. The guy really took some time to listen to what I expected and he delivered as promised. I'd recommend them to anybody. Its called Smart Suspension. Here is the website:

Don't forget MB1, they do excellent work on not just showas but also kayabas. I love my MB1 suspension. You may also look into local shops as you may not want to wait or spend the money for shipping. Anyways check them out at and give them a call. Good choice as nothing is better than suspension that is correctly set up for you-best money spent.

I had my Suspension re-done by 650 Racing in Redwood City, CA.

The shop owner (Steve) does all the suspension work himself.

Patrick M.

I have done Enzo and I have done FC .

my advice is to find a local suspension tuner - usually they are at all the races - series races in your area. Any LL qualifiers etc..

they have the know how for your terrain and they are local to tune accordingly, you see even after you send your stuff off to Ca to the biggest names in the business...their settings may or may not be best for you. Local tuners use all the same name brands or are sponsered by MB1, Factory Connection etc... and they are at the tracks you ride at to tune for you accordingly.:thumbsup: :thumbsup:

Thanks, everyone ! However I have gone with local guy's and feel that they are good they just could be better. In one case I thought that stock was better then when I had it done locally. I hope to make the best call on this, and from what I can see I might just flip a quarter!

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