Head bolts spinning...help

i was putting my head on and the 2 bolts in the head seem to be spinning... I got the one to 26lbs and couldnt to 27. I hope there not spinning that would be spendy. The manual says 19ft lbs. I used my old head gasket could that have anything to do with it. Thanks

first of all, you shouldn't use the old head gasket, it is not a good idea... It could leak...

the head bolts should torque up to 29 ft lbs... If they do not, it just may be the stud tightening up into the case... It may have slightly un screwed when you were removing the head bolts...

yeah i know im going to take it apart and put new ones in i just forgot to order them so a weekend with out will hopefully work.

replace with a new gasket!


i reset the head and it tightened up fine. new gaskets are on the way but im going to ride it this wknd before they get on im sure they will hold.

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