What did I do wrong?

I purchased a JD Jet kit last week for my 2007 KTM 250XCF and followed the instructions verbatim for high altitude jetting. I just arrived at my house in Crested Butte (9000' elev.) and the bike is not running very good. the bike starts and idles fine but when riding it in the street it has no bottom, the bike just sputers and goes flat?

red needle in the #3 postion

170 main jet

Please help me Eddie, I want to ride tomorrow!



with the throttle wide open?steady throttle?whiel opening the throttle quickly?

it happens with the throttle wide open. as long as i feather the throttle i can get the bike going.


eddie, one thing that i did not do was change the leak jet, someone told me not to! do i need to change it and may that help?

did you put the o-ring on the ap linkage?

no, i did not? is that a necesity?

what about the leak jet?

Gotta o-ring that AP linkage. :D

thanks for the help guys, i went ahead and changed the leak jet and put on the o-ring and it ran fine this afternoon!

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