1986 xr250r manuel? need help bad

ok look..im gonna try to explain this in a breif kinda way bare wit me.. ok i have a xr250 r that i gave to a friend to redo the topend.. lack of oil blew a hole in the pistion maybe alil more damage. well the kid goes to jail an his friend gives the bike to BENNIT MOTOR SALES IN FLY CREEK, NY note to self never do bisness with them! well they were told to get an estimate to the kid who brought it their... which they did which was like 600 well the kid didnt know me cuz his friend was in jail, well he wasnt gonna pay for it so bennits had it for about 2 years maybe a little more. well i finaly find where the bike is so i call bennit motor sales which know our family very well! we have spend many many thousands over the years i mean 25 30 years so they know our name well!!i call an say hey im joe put the bike back together get it runnin i dont care the price ill be back in ny in a couple months ill pick it up. i get back to ny go their they havent even thought about our bike since.. so we say fix it ray i dont care the price call us when yur almost done.. ok ok he says he calls one day, hey were getting it back together for ya.. ok we go their he hasnt even thought about it since...he split the case took everything completle dissasembly and threw it in a box talk about boxkitcase and LOST our frame! that sat out back in the weeds for two years which we took pic of where it was sitting took our motor back and the guy was trying to sell us another bike back from the weeds...lol is he ****ing serious! what should i do about the situation.. im gonna need a good manuel to put it back together i want it to run again.. an web sights i can get a pdf manuel online? should i sue this guy...i mean i have never herd anything about this... and this place is still in bisness cuz its the only place for about 2hr... help me please.. this isnt my first rodeo to completly reassembly an engine! but what should i do?? forget about it?

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      Guy's,  I have an 1997 Honda XR400R and I need to do the front forks.  I'm a big guy 6'4" 375lbs.  So far I haven't been able to find a setup for a big guy. Any suggestions besides losing a lot of weight. :-)
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      OEM Rear fender from an XR400. Fender includes Baja Design tail light as well. 
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      Went riding on Christmas Eve  everything was working fine went through some mud and slipped dropped my bike tried to kick start it and the kick start went limp pushed it back up got compression again  kicked it over a bunch of times started to run again  rode it for the rest of the ride with no problems then on the way back on the road I gave it fill throttle  and it died hasn't started  since and now has little compression. Replaced the spark plug and changed the oil and filter and adjusted the valves but still very little Compression and won't start.    
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