Im finally with you guys

Just picked up an 06 yz250, mint condition!!!:applause: :applause:


nice looking ride. They are really great bikes.

nice bike! have fun on it. got any other/bigger pics?

Enjoy that bike. It won't be hard to love.

Just picked up an 06 yz250, mint condition!!!:applause: :applause:


now i'm drooling... =P~

nice bike man!! :applause:

smart move

fellow '06 er

SWEET..I just got a 05 coming from an 03 WR 450......aint never going back!

Here are a couple of pictures that i just took, they are kinda of fuzzy but its the best i could do.

SUCH a big difference coming off of a 125, no longer do i have to give the throttle wide open to get up a hill or to get up to speed. THIS BIKE ROCKS!!! :eek: :eek: :worthy: :worthy: :prof: :prof:




oh man...thats really nice...i bet ur girl loves getting rides on it...;)...

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      Hey guys I read an article saying that the 01 YZ125 has six gears. But other people are saying that it's 5. How many gears does it have? Just asking. Thanks.
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      2006 YZ 250.. The manual calls for 10w30 (yamalube 4 stroke oil), can I use 10w50 (Motul semi sythetic 4 stroke oil) ??   I bought the bike, want to change the gear oil before I ride tomorrow but all I have at the moment is the Motul 10w50  semi synth.  Is that oil going to be too thick compared to the 10w30 or will it be fine..  Thanks
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      Hey guys I just wanted to show off my bike and show it to the world lol  What is your opinion on it. God or bad, please be honest. I am open to all comments and suggestions. Any upgrades I should do to make it look better and/or faster?

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      I bought a YZ250F yesterday and the previous owner said apparently it runs but they weren’t strong enough to kick it. I couldn’t kick while there so I took their word for it and bought it. I’ve been trying to get it to fire all day today, there are 2 chokes and I’m unsure if the air mixture is correct, so would be nice to know what I should do, it’s hard to adjust the air screw when the bike won’t even run. I noticed the spark is kinda low, I don’t know if it’s normally supposed to be like that or not. I can see a blue spark but it is very small and crappy, I’ve had thumpstars that generated stronger spark, I changed the plug it’s still the same, so maybe could be an electrical problem, the only ground connection I could find was for the ignition lead which I filed down to bare metal so I’m pretty sure that connection is good. Anything else I’m missing? It’s very hard to kick and I can feel the compression out of the exhaust so I don’t think compression is the issue.Just wanna know what I should do, haven’t owned a yz before so I could be not using the choke right or something. Thanks