New bottom end put to the test.

Well I figured after a few flat, mellow, breaking in rides, it was time to put my mechanical skills to the test. Decided to take a bit of a mountain ride, and I could not be happier with how well my bike performed, and with no issues. Alot of tight turns, loose gravel/dirt, small washy areas in some turns with hefty rocks. Was a pretty good climb at approximately 6500 feet. So here are a few pics of my ride. Nothing spectacular, but was my first time up this particular area.

And this final pic is why we couldn't go any further, had a snowball fight instead:busted: . Couldn't let my buddy get away with the comment that I look like a 10 yr old on my bike:bonk:

The ride down was even more fun, couple close calls on washing out in a couple corners, but when I needed the power, she responded awesome. Was even better when my buddy made up for the 10 yr old comment by telling me I ride too fast, but I ride good:thumbsup: Next planned trip is the Telkwa Pass, which is about 4 times further than this trip, but with more obstacles(pretty much guaranteed to get bruises on this one, LOL)

hey lady! Sweet pics! i'm going to facebook you b/c i have ot ask u if you know someone! lol


That looks BEAUTIFUL! glad to hear the ride went so well!:thumbsup:

I liked seeing the SNOW... Its been 99/100 degrees here for the last 5 weeks :crazy: ... heck, I even LIKE heat, but every time I think about loading the bike to go to the track in 100 degrees I wimp out! So I haven't been riding in, oh, 5 weeks! :banghead:

Ah well. Its supposed to be cooler next week (low 90s!), maybe it'll hold out for a weekend ride!

Yeah, we liked seeing the snow too, even though it shortened the ride a bit, was a pretty hot day(80-for us hot, we have had a poor summer so far, so when we get a bit of heat is a shocker) hence the snowball fight, LOL

A person feels like they are going to melt loading/unloading in the heat. The other bike in the pic is my buddy's 650, the one he wanted me to take for a ride, yeah, stepladder maybe?:bonk: Winch to lift it up when I fall over?:crazy:

I guess the Telkwa Pass has a bunch of water crossings and such, boulders, etc, so should be interesting to challenge myself and Neamhain(yeah, finally found a name that describes me and my bike, LOL) You can google map the Telkwa Pass to check it out, is in northern BC.:thumbsup:

Janine, you and Ian would have a blast, we should try and plan a ride.

Awesome pictures!!!

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