Which Jet Kit for the 3X3 conversion/'03 DR-Z400S?

PLEASE, PLEASE-I'm ready to do this 3X3 thing but cannot determine the exact "Jet kit" I need. I have an '03 DR-Z400S.

Please tell me the part number & where to get the new main jet, needle, etc...



You'll want the James Dean #JDS005 jet kit from the TT Store.It comes with the main jets and needles you'll need as well as the #25 pilot jet.

Only other things that are highly recommended that are not in the jet kit are a Kientech extended fuel mixture screw(INT_KIENTECH_DRZSFMS) and the allen bolt kit(INT_TT_DRZBLTKT) for the float bowl to ease tuning afterward.These are all available from the TT Store as well.

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