Kick Start Problem

Ok last Sunday I was riding and it was working fine... I take it out today to do maintenance on it and the kick start will just push straight down... I have compression because it will not roll in first gear with the clutch out... The spring works because whenever I push it down and let it go it shoots right back up... So would anyone know anything about it?

Hi, The kickstart ratchet mechanism is stuck, not a big problem just needs cleaning and oiling.

Its on the inside not the kick start lever thing... That part moves it just dont grab to turn the crank on the inside....

Hi ZACK S, Yes the ratchet is on the inside, was the kickstart slipping at all before it stopped working? If not the ratchet is probably just stuck and hopefully will not need any new parts. I have only recently got my RMZ450 so I have not had the cover off yet, i am not sure how easy it is but the first move will be to drain the oil out. If you are not confident at doing it yourself then I would not advise you to try. Good luck with it.

No it was not slipping before... This is ZACK S on Blake B thumpertalk...

Hi ZACK S. If you want to have a go at fixing yourself and you don't have a manual, would you like me to let you know what needs to be removed to get at the problem?

I already put it in the shop cuz I get my work done for cheap...

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