210 lb suspension suggestions??

I only have a couple rides on my '01 wr, but I've been wet roots and round rocks, which makes separating the changes in the suspension from changes in the terrain difficult. Does anyone have any suggestions for a beginning setup for moderate technical trails and high speed, low altitude jumps. I'm not up to mx style jumping yet. Bike is stock except for unplugging pipe and trimming stop. I'm 6'3'', 215 lbs with gear.



IMHO, you need either a 5.75 rear aftermarket or yam 5.6 spring-what's std?

you need .46 front, possibly .48. the front will need revalving POSSIBLY.

the rear definately will.

go to pro-tapers. the bars will come up 1", why not buy an adjustable top clamp & move the bars forward as well! this gives the tall guy's more control & space.

drop the fork legs through 5-10mm & see how it feels.

be selective about your tyres. the dunlop 739 & 756 (i hope that's right) are highly recommended here.

most importantly just keep riding it. i did 3 months on mine before i touched it. i rode it into the ground, only then did i change things-now i can't stop!


Sag should be set to roughly 3.5 inches. (Sag = [Fully extended height] - [Height with you sitting on it]. If you can't do this with the standard spring, consider a heavier spring.

I backed off the compression dampening on forks and rear suspension. This helps give better response on small "stutter" bumps roots, rocks, etc. Also helped when taking down hill jumps where I could not be hard on the throttle due to narrow trail/upcoming turn. This made the bike much better for me.

I need to tweak my rebound a little, but haven't taken the time to fine tune the suspension. Having too much fun riding :)

Weight with gear = 190.


This just a suggestion from a relatively new guy here. Instead of spending alll that money on the extra parts why don't you ride it stock and change one thing at a time. If you change everything at once you will have no idea what is working for you and what was a waste of money.

I have a 1999 WR400 that has Jimmy Button high bend bars. I did this to give me more room. $65.00 is a small price to pay for more room. My suspension was eventually re-valved and sprung because my skill and speed increased.

I would find some place to ride that has a somewhat constant terrain and do some testing to see what set up works best. The money you save could be used on entry fees or riding trips. I have friends that have the trickest bikes around but they never go riding because they are broke due to aftermarket triple clamps, doublewalled bars, graphics, aftermarket silencers and exaust, titanium this and titanium that. Just something to keep in mind. I am 6' 5" 265 lbs with gear, A rider in enduro. 2d place harescramble in 4stroke.


Being 6'-4" and 235lb. I found the rear spring to be way soft. I got on the internet and found a web site for Race Tech Suspensions. This site allows you to enter height,weight and riding style. It then gives you the suggested spring rates etc.

I used the 5.56 rear spring rate suggested and the handling is much improved. I do agree that you should do one change at a time.

have you p**t* above this message actually said anything different or worthwhile to my suggestion? thought not.

i don't know about changing one 'thing' at a time. when i read the kind of stuff i left behind at prep school i have to take it one day at a time.

in addition; i have a K-tech 5.5 on mine & i weigh 200lb. the spring is now on it's minimum adjustment & firm. i think a 5.6 yamaha original would probably suit my weight.


[This message has been edited by Taffy (edited 01-30-2001).]

Race Tech suggests a 5.44 rear spring for 215 lbs. The 5.75 would be too stiff. Guess the rider weight should have been stated in stones for our UK friend.

I'm going to take the overwhelming concensus and just ride the thing for awhile before buying new parts, but I guess I should have clarified that I am curious about numbers of clicks out on damping and rebound, and changes to expect in handling as I move them. Until now, about the only adjustments my bikes have had are how much the throttle is twisted, so I'm hesitant to start cranking on everything just yet.

By the way, the mud mountain ride ended up being snow riding. I like my front tire stuck, and that is rare on ice. Everybody else had quads, but i did kick my buddy off mine for a few runs.

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