i am looking at geting a new exhaust i all ready have the power bomb and a stock wr pipe on my 2003 yz250f. any sugestions on a pipe? my price range is around 380 tops and i have been looking at the YOSHIMURA TRC COMP SERIES CARBON SLIP-ON $319. is that a good pipe? and i have also been looking at the FMF TITANIUM POWERCORE - BLUE $270

would like to hear back pipes are a big thing

well for starters if you have the power bomb header on there you can't go with a yosh pipe. any the powercore is a great pipe i had one on my old bike.

ok what about a gytr pipe then???

I just purchased the powercore 4, I will let you know how it works after jetting. I hope someday to get the mega bomb :)

I'd go with the powercore 4.

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