Finally Got My Bike (YZ 250), And Have A Few Questions.

What a great feeling to finally get a bike. I purchased a 2001 YZ 250 last week and will get to ride it this weekend.

I have a few questions and was hoping to get some of the experts to help me out.

1. I purchased a bike hitch carrier and it is very nice. It has a small wobble when I am hauling it, but it has a pretty big wobble (lean) when load the bike. Is it necessary to get a stabilizer? It does fine when I am carrying it, but was thinking the extra stability would be nice. I carried the bike over 4.5 hours on the highway, with speeds up to 80 with no problems.

2. The exhaust on it now is very loud. I do not like it being so loud and want to silence it as much as I can. The bike has tons of power and I am fine with losing power to quiet it down. I found some low prices on EBay, but I do not have any idea if the exhausts that they are selling will silence it at all. I have no desire to spend a bunch of money on the bike for now, so if I cannot get a good deal, I will leave it as is for now.

3. I will be doing trail riding and moving up to some mx stuff. For the most part, I will be riding like an old man and will not push the limits for some time. I have a helmet and goggles and am planning on buying gloves as well. Is it recommended to get other gear or just have the basics?

4. Is there a guide that I can get that walks me through the recommended maintenance and upkeep on the bike? The guy I bought the bike from knew all about what to do, but it was information overload for me. A guide would be great.

5. With the hitch carrier that I purchased, I am not sure if I can put the bike on it by myself. When the bike is loaded on the hitch, the front tire drops in the carrier and the back tire should as well. The back tire is larger and does not drop in the carrier and so the bike will not stay on the carrier without tie-downs. My thought is to roll the bike on the carrier (have the tie-downs attached to the bike and the carrier), then pull the two tie-downs so that they hold the bike on the carrier. I am not sure if it will work and do not want to drop the bike trying to do this. The next issue is how to unload it. I can do the opposite and try to roll the bike off after I release the tie-downs.

Am I missing something or is that the best way to do it? I do not currently have anyone to ride with, so I do not have much of an option. My wife can help me load it at my house, but I am on my own wherever I try to load it at.

Thanks in advance for the help and/or suggestions.

Let me help where I can:

On the gear...get everything you can. I started like you (8 months ago and my first bike since I was a young kid). I started as a weekend warrier as well and fell more when I was going slow. Even a slow crash can do serious damage to your body if not protected. I learned from bad experiences to wear everything. Currently I have:



chest protector

elbow guards


knee pads

boots (riding boots not work boots)

(I also never ride without my riding pants but they are not a must...I also wear a long-sleeved jersey when the PA jaggers are in full force).

Regarding the service manual...GET ONE!!!

Here are 2 links for manuals on eBay. They seem to be a good price too.

Can't help you on the hauler...I use my truck with 2 tie-downs.

Oh, and congrats on the bike. Hope to see you out there one day :ride:

also get a kidney belt. they can save you a whole lot of pain and medical bills for a cheap price 15-40$

Make sure you get good riding boots, they are the most inportant piece of gear next to the Helmet IMO

Make sure you get good riding boots, they are the most inportant piece of gear next to the Helmet IMO

+1 on that. Get boots with stiff soles. Everyone is raving about tech10's but I personally think the soles are waaaay too soft. SIDI crossfire, a bit pricey, but they feel like really nice boots.

Congrats on the new smoker:applause:

get some bark busters, tech 6 boots are much more comfy in my opinion and alot cheaper

It has a small wobble when I am hauling it...

You're talking about a 2" receiver, right? I have a carrier for our van and it has a slight wobble too. The the 2" tubes that fit into these receivers have a little free play, otherwise it's too hard to insert, and when pulling a trailer you don't notice it, but with any sort of carrier, you notice the play and the wobble.

I take a few wood shims... the kind you find in a small package at Home Depot in the door installation accessory aisle.... and tap them in firmly. That get's rid of the wobble. You can find cedar shims or plastic composite shims for about $2 for a dozen.

Works, great.

Thanks for the great advive everyone.

I acty have the manual, but was wondering if there was a checklist or something like that with the recommended maintenance. I was hoping that it would suggest certain products to use and such.

For instance.... The guy I bought the bike from says he buys some of that Green Cleaner stuff, sprays it all over his bike after a ride and then hoses it all off. Keeps the bike looking great.

My stupid follow-up question:

Why are boots so important? Why do you need a firm sole? I just figured they were as much for looks as anything else.

Get all the safety gear you can afford. It's worth it trust me. Most of the parks in Fl require massive gear for a reason. Go to Yamaha's web site and you can buy the factory manual for abpout 20 bucks, BUY IT NOW. If you do your maint and pay attention to the small stuff, your bike will last a long time and never leave you pushing in the woods. Look at the USFS approved spark arrestors from Pro Circuit or FMF, They will help quite the bark down to 90 Db plus or minus. If you havent repacked the factory silencer, you may find that that helps without spending too much cash (15-20 bucks). the factory manual has all the info you need to do this, Also look at the jetting forum to help with plug fouling, All new bikes need to be fine tuned to rider and style to reduce plug issues. Boot provide ankle support, and protect your legs from heat, The sole help prevent your foot from being dragged off the paeg and give you a stable platform to plant and turn your bike in corners. In this case dont go cheap, buy the best/most comfortable you can afford, You'll be glad you did. Good luck and welcome!!!!

My stupid follow-up question:

Why are boots so important? Why do you need a firm sole? I just figured they were as much for looks as anything else.

No question is stupid. Boots offer all kinds of protection. If and when you fall, foot pegs to the leg can hurt, hurt bad. After a while when you start riding you will put your foot out in turns, they help protecting agains rocks, roots et.. I actually hit my rear tire alot while riding. They protect your ankles against sprains as well.. They are not a 100% protection, but are better than woork boots tennis shoes:thumbsup:

FWIW , I wear Gaerne SG10 Carbon Pro's:thumbsup:

i didnt read through all of the post, but i saw someone mentioning getting good boots.

gaerne sg10 are rated by magazines the best boot, and many riders(who have worn them obviously) say they are the best boot they ever had.

i believe thatre not expensive at all for their quality, a little over 300$. just go check em out and maybe find some reviews and see what you think

A company named Versa-haul makes builds really good hitch/bike carriers.

One cool thing they offer is a mount that clamps from the carrier to the hitch using bolts. Its easy to use and could probably be added to any carrier.

They call this piece a "anti-tilt bracket." If it fits, it will stop the wobbling.

find a good riding buddy

Thanks again. I appreciate you all taking the time to respond.

why don't you go to the yamaha 2 stroke section on TT

I had a 2001 YZ250, its a great bike. It can take alot of abuse and if you get lazy, it will take not saying you should neglect it, but if you ever do it will stand up to it....yamaha is a really well built machine

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