drz400 upgrades??

i have drz400s 06 model my question is about k&n airfilter ,do yuo have to rejet after you install one and will it increase horsepower and what is the best type of aftermarket pipe to put on that bike..thanks...

If you go to this thread it will answer many of your questions. I'm not sure about the filter but I can't imagine that you would have to rejet. I'm sure someone else will chime in to confirm or deny this.


Will you be riding off-road or street?

I'm not an expert, but i won't run anything except a foam filter off road...

save the K & N for the street bikes.... they "breathe" great, but with that air comes more dirt... just my opinion

i do mostly raoad and a little off road about20% i stick to foam..thanks

the best pipe is the yosh or muzzy.if your going to be going offroad more then the yosh rs3 or rs2 ss or muzzy ss pipe is your best bet.ti pipes get dented too easilly.i would definity stick with foam if doing offroad more.

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