ORAGON RIDE [oat meal pie]:)

TEAM OATMEAL PIE I wil be taking off7-20-00 thursday at 3;00 pm for oragon-- tillamook should be there by friday afternoon,will hook up with you on sat,or sunday if your going to ride the event? if not hook up monday or tuesday cell phone 707-479-2742 browns camp aera.



I think the scramble has been postponed until the 27,28th odd to be on the week but the 30th is washougal national and tough competition for local events, I plan on riding sunday and possibly monday. I will check the campsites sunday morning, I think you posted saying a white f350 with 5th wheel and of course some blue thunder. I am thinking to arrive around 8 am that gives ample time to get gear on etc, I will try to enlist the skills of my friend, rides cr500, as hes is partially crazy when riding a bike. I have your cell and will try you saturday evening to coordinate, dont worry if no cell coverage at the camp I will find you guys.


Team Oatmeal pie


now I found out the race is this weekend, they didnt change the date from last years web page from last year. SO I will race sunday but will slid over to browns to see if you are around in the afternoon, then I will take monday, tuesday or what ever is necessary to ride, there is a slight possibility I will bag the race to ride with y'all on sunday will let you know as I have your #.

Sound good team oat meal,yes my truck is a white f350 and 5th wheel [patio hauler] hope to see you up there.

monty p.s. you need to come down and ride with us at stonyford :)

So when exactally is the race in the Tilamook burn? And is it just Lyda Camp, or is is Brown's Camp, too? If you could PLEASE post the event dates and location, I would GREATLY appreciate it. Thanks!!


saturday and sunday staging is Lyda camp but who knows exactly where the course runs, supposed to be 10-12 mile loop

Thanks for the info. I am going riding this weekend, and didn't want to deal with the crowds. I should be all set for Friday. later!!



Sorry not able to hook up, I tried cell # and got some mesg, about being out of area. I missed the race on sunday due to mechanical failure and got parts monday, went to browns on tuesday morning was there at about 8:30 and the place was empty, there was one camp group but they didnt seem to know what or who I was looking for. Did you move to a new place within the Tillamook forest or did you head back to Cal. What did you think of the riding, I noticed a fire alert was posted but did not affect most of the riding area.

Hi team oat meal we moved to the heloport[landing aera] on top of the hill geart place to camp you could see down over the valley. Ridding was geart you could use some rain up there.We rode all of power line,and the hill climb man that thing is long and seep didn't make it to the top.the husky ridders shot it [4] times no top;went to #22 man what a view you look out over the hole vally.All in all good time sorry me didn't hook up would have been more fun(: if you r down this way let me know we;ll hook up.



Now you know what a hill climb is (#22) :) How far up the hill were folks making it?

What stopped their forward progress?

I have a bent to top that hill. I had one great run past where the hill levels out by 3 to 5 degrees. Then I lost the line.

What are your thoughts on how to top it?

Eric in WA

Learn the hill we made it almost to the top about 5ft from it, 400 or 600 cc should be able to climb that dude.Just keep at it.


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