07 drz400sm jeting help please eddie

i have a 07 drz 400sm stock carb yosh full systm 3x3 tehachapi ca 2 to 4 thousand ft 90s in summer 40 in winter any jeting recks thanks.

What is the current jetting on the bike? Did you install a jet kit when you did the 3X3?

it was stock i had a local shop told me to go with the stock 22.5 pilot and 45.5 main thank for reply

sorry no i did not instal any kit

how does the bike run now?

the bike pops bad when down shifting pipe blueing small searge at stedy rpm and i keep losing air fuel screw wich does not help

Loosing the air screw? What? Are all the bits there(Screw-spring=washer=o-ring)?

You really should of done a jetting kit. Your bike is lean from the factory, opening the airbox just makes it leaner. A open yosh just makes matters worse. Get a James Dean jet kit, follow the instructions implicitly. It will contain the jets and needle you need.

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