yz tank and seat why?

Hello all from sunny england.Firstly I think this site is tops! lots of usefull stuff,but I see many people changing their tanks and seats to yz.This to me at least seems to defeat the hole object of buying a WR.Don't get me wrong I love boltin new bits on but if you want a small (ie short range) tank why not just buy a yz in the first place.You wouldn't have to bugger about with timing and all that stuff either.You'll be goin for yz gearbox's next.

tongue in cheek


Hi Sam,

The main reason is registration. The US and Australia and I suspect the rest of the world, is very tight when it comes to "legal" dual sport riding. So tight that bikes need to be road registered. Thus, the WR.

AS far as seat and tank, well, the WR seat and tank are big and nasty to turn with.


Mitchy hit the nail on the head: ERGONOMICS. I do not need the range of the WR tank (until Moab, that is) and I really enjoy the feel of the mx setup.

As for everything else, gearbox and lighting coil, I needed these. It is cheaper to YZ my WR than to WR my YZ.

Plus, just like Mitch said also, I do have a license plate on my bike!


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The YZ seat/tank combo makes the bike turn much better than the stock WR set-up. As Kevin pointed out it also feels better. The YZ seat/tank combo allows you to move about 3 inches further forward on the bike to weight the front end and if your concerned about fuel range. You can go with an IMS or Clark fuel tank (YZ type).



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Sam, Sam, Sam. There are lot's of reason why the WR is a chosen bike. The wide-rate gearing is probably the biggest reason I chose it over the YZ. But the WR also has lights, kickstand, larger radiators, larger flywheel, 18" rear rim (better traction), more oil capacity (I think), cushier suspension, odo, etc. so you get some goodies for free without sacricing much except weight. If you ride strictly motocross, get the YZ. I ride difficult trails and light MX, so the WR is great for me.

Changing the tank/seat changes the riding position drastically, allowing for increased front end weighting in turns. It makes a big difference climbing hills as well.

I have ridden a YZ426 quite a bit as well, and it has more power, less weight, and handles better the the WR. But I still hate the gearbox, lack of rear wheel braking and tire spin of the YZ enough to prefer the WR, at least in the areas I ride most.

The advantages of the WR outweigh those of the YZ in my books.. But I have a YZ and I like the way it revs.. YZ timed WRs arn't quite the same..

But lights, larger radiators and a Wide ratio box are the big things.

I'm thinking about lowering 1st and raising 5th.. or possibly using sprockes to lower the lot and just adding 5th.

Lighting is alos on the list.



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Sunny England Hum! I thought the only way you new it was summer in England was by looking at the trees--they have leaves on them. I was unaware the sun ever actually came out?


Originally posted by Clark Mason:


Sunny England Hum! I thought the only way you new it was summer in England was by looking at the trees--they have leaves on them. I was unaware the sun ever actually came out?

i can't see anything cos its pissin down!!


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