CDI unit problems ?

My 07 developed a big hesitation like it was cutting out and then took off as I opened the throttle. I spent days doing the jetting with no improvement then I was out testing when my mate loaned me the CDI unit of his 05 RMZ450 and bingo the big flat spot was gone. Also I noticed my CDI unitwas real hot and his was quite cold.

Anyone had similar CDI unit problems, my bike only has about 10 hours riding.

What would cause the CDI unit to fail?.

Can anyone tell me how to bench test a CDI unit.

Has anyone had experience with the Motorsportz performance CDI box as seen on ebay.

Not sure about that one. But I have a Rev Max CDI and it works great. Runs about $85.

What performance difference did you find when you fitted it.

It let's it rev a little higher without hitting the rev limiter. That's about it.

I have one of the Motosportz boxes and they do work good! But I only use it when I need a lot of bottom end!!! The CDI unit seems to advance the timing to the point that it really rips and snorts, but only to about 11,000 rpms.

This is definately a cheaper fix if money is a problem now, but plan on getting another stock one if you are racing your bike.:ride:

I do use the bike for MX and motard racing, by the sound of your comments you dont recommend it for reacing.

Who sells them, I have not been able to locate their website.


You can find them on Ebay, in the RMZ 450 section, form Motosportz ($100 +/-). I didn't say that I wouldn't recomend it, it just shoves the power down in the RPM range.

You could make it work, by experimenting with gearing! I run a 51 on my Zook for MX. This makes it pull very hard out of the corrners. I think a 49 or 50, and short shift it might make you happy.

Otherwise its pay factory prices. Good Luck!

Thanks for the info

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