Forrest is the best!

I just want to tell everyone about a good customer service experience for a change. :prof:

I ordered some DRC 602 blinkers and the DRC LED Flasher relay that goes with them from Forrest @ Wheeling Cycle Supply last week. They came in record time, with some free stickers for my toolbox.

I installed everything and loved it. Checked my blinkers again, and one is not working. Checked all the connections and found the blinker to have a defect on the circuit board. Emailed Forrest asking what to do, and he wrote back in less than an hour saying a new blinker would be shipped asap. NO PROBLEM.:applause: :applause:

If I bought these at the local stealership, I would have been told "too bad, so sad. No returns on electrical parts." :blah:

Needless to say, if I want it, and Forrest has it, I'm buying it from him. I don't care if I can get it cheaper elsewhere. :thumbsup:

Thanks again Forrest!

:ride: safe all,


Forrest is awesome...I am definatly gonna be ordering from him from now on if he offers it.

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