Backfire Screen on XR650R 06? does it need to be there???

Wanted to upgrade my XR650r filter to a uni. Should i upgrade the backfire screen as well? I read on a few filters they come with a backing on it is that a better choice than having the screen? Thanks for your help All comments are welcome

You cannot put the uni on with the stock screen. So, stock screen goes when you put on the UNI

got it so i dont need any screen at all then what is the purpose of the screen there in the first place??

Just like the name implies, it prevents possible fire if a backfire were to happen throwing fire into the airbox. I have both the UNI and the stock filters. I'm running the UNI right now HOPING that a backfire doesn't happen. Not too sure how common a backfire situation could be that puts fire in the box.

If you do a search on the 650R forum for "UNI" or "backfire screen" you will see a lot who use the screen and a lot who don't. Some use the UNI filter without the included aluminum support frame and continue to use the stock backfire screen.

I found when installing the UNI, it is best to hold the aluminum frame included with the filter against the mounting surface to see how it fits. Bend it until it fits the contour of the box pretty good. You will see when you put the UNI in, it fits very snugly which I think is good. It seals around all edges unlike the stocker.

I had a backfire with a UNI installed and the stock backfire screen removed. All that happened was that the backside of my UNI filter was singed from the flame. I was using No-Toil air filter treatment. Not sure if that has any flammability or flame retardant qualities. Everything still worked fine.

I think if I was to dump the bike and load the air filter up with gas, then that might pose a problem if it was to backfire upon startup.

If it weren't for liabity lawyers, we would probabaly not have the performance robbing backfire screens on new bikes. With modern ignition systems, backfires have become the exception, rather than the rule.

I took mine out a long time ago, and have never looked back.

I took mine out a long time ago, and have never looked back.

Same here...I actually cut my backfire screen apart and used it to do the side panel airbox mod :ride:

about backfires i have only rode my bike for about 30k and it seems like it has already backfired on startup twice out of only 7-10 startups if that. Is that normal or is something not breathing right.

Also if i install the uni will i need to jet it at the same time? i am gettting ready to uncork it when i get back home but i dont know if i will have time to uncork and jet it right away. will just putting that filter in and making the air box mods be ok for a while or will the new mixture damage the bike???

You need to uncork and rejet. It should not be backfiring on startup.

You cannot put the uni on with the stock screen. So, stock screen goes when you put on the UNI

my dads 2003 XR he bought with the stock screen and a uni didnt stay in place very well...but it did work???

both me and my dad upgraded to the XR's only backfire screen, its less restrictive.

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