06 RMZ 250 Very hard to start.

Hey guys,

I got a 2006 RMZ 250. I just got it recently, and when I first got it (used), it started great, and ran great. Then slowly it started to get harder to start. Now when it is cold, it is impossible to kick start, I actually have to push start it to get it going. Once it is running it runs great though, and once I've got it warmed up it starts good. But as soon as it starts to cool off, it gets harder to start again. Help me out guys! Thanks

- Greg

I would check the valve clearance. :prof:

Also sorry forgot to say. I just checked the valve clearance and it is within spec. Almost seems a little tight on the intake side, but I think it is alright.

K well I checked it again. The clearances are out. The exhaust side is just within spec, but the intake side is way too tight. (I was thinking backwards and thought the clearance would get looser not tighter.) So we will see how she runs once I get it adjusted. Also I need to clean my air filter and change my spark plug. Anyone have any other suggestions to things I should check/adjust while i'm at it?

If the seats start to smash out he valves will creep deeper in the seat which causes the lash to tighten up until the valve wont seal. I think i have the same problem exactly and am planing on installing thinner shims until i can afford to do the head. Until then i have to push start till warmed up!!

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