Post Allograft ACL Rehab


I just had my second ACL allograft surgery on 10 Jul; I know you're anti-allo, but the the first one worked for me; I reinjured it on the bike again after 2.5 years. Anyway, I was able to walk right after surgery. I didn't even take one Vic! My doctor said he wants me to wear the brace locked straight and use crutches for 5 weeks, but I can't stand the brace! It's been 3.5 weeks now and I have got full extension and flexion and have a 95% normal gait when walking. I have been very careful not to plant and twist or do anything that made it dislocate before. I have also started to do the stationary bike for 15"-20" on low levels. My knee feels really good after this as all the tightness goes away. Is this OK or do I really need to cut back and wear the stupid brace? What am I risking? If I don't need to wear the brace what activities should I be limiting myself to?


Joe, I can't rightfully advise people on stuff that I don't do. I would do exactly as the doctor says, even though you might as well schedule your next revision now.

Why do you suggest a resched?

I know you have heard me say this before.

Allografts are not heavy duty enough for off road motorcycling, as you could have learned after the first re rupture, although you seem to think that 30 months is long enough for an operation to last before it needs to be redone. Over these past years, the secondary restraints about your knee, probably didn't get any tighter, so your new allograft out there without any signifigant allies in the knee capsule and meniscus.

Its chance of sucess if you ever have a bad get off, or don't sell your bike and buy a Harley is somewhere beween slim and none.

In the past three years, I have revised over 100 allografts to autografts in off road motorcyclists. That represents more than two thirds of the revision surgeries that I have done on the ACL.

Thanks for the encouraging words. My knee was definitely better, even after it tore the second time. I was able to ride without any problems. Maybe my conditioning was better than the first time or the rest of my knee was stronger/tighter?

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