hill climbing

well i have a 99 xr250 with the basic mods. im pretty decent at climbing hills but this one hill im having trouble with.

its the biggest coal hill where i ride. well anyways the problem is there is like a bump right at the bottom of the hill that slows me down,i dont have enough speed to make it up and im only able to make it 3/4 of the way up,i tried lifting my front tire over it but it didnt help. im afraid to hit the bump too fast in fear of crashing. any suggestions?

i bought a 50t rear sprocket to replace the 48t im hoping this may help it pull better.

ive seen my friends do it of their yz250f and yz125 which both pull harder than my xr.

Are you working the clutch? Just as your start losing RPM's and getting out of the bike's sweet spot, pull the clutch in a bit and let it slip. The RPM's will stay up and you'll have more pulling power.

that could work. it is soft slippery coal so it may do more harm then good. its worth giving a shot though.

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