Can you overfill a dry sump motor ?

Thinking about this as I changed my oil today. I bought 2l of Bel Ray Thumper oil and as I was changing the filter I decided to put it all in the bike. I think it's a little more than 2 quarts. In a wet sump motor over filling will mean the crank will run in the oil and create too much oil pressure I take it ? But in a dry sump most of the oil is kept in the frame and only so much oil goes to the motor so it's not as crucial ? I see most guys put two quarts in anyway. I have a long trip coming up and I have noticed the DRZ use 200 cc or so if you stay above 70 mph.

Nah, 2 liters on an oil and iliter change is a slight over fill, not to worry. A wet sump it could be a issue. I do the 2 liter change myself.

I wouldn't worry about a slight overfill at all. But yes you can overfill a dry sump system. My SM was delivered to me 2 qts overfilled!! I suspect they checked the oil level without running it first. Not sure if damage would have resulted.

In most cases, if grossly overfilled, a lot will blow out the breather. On a S/SM, it will go intot the airboot, potentially fouling a plug. I doubt damage would result, although 2 quarts overfill is serious! An E will puke it on the ground. If you do find it is grossly overfilled, drain and refill. A cheater method of it were over filled would be to remove the little hose attached to the frame near the fill cap. Attach a second peice of hose to the nipple and into a receptacle. Start the bike and the excess will be pumped down the hose. Once it stops flowing, reassemble the hoses on the bike and you will be ok.

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