Whats better? HRC exhaust tip or drilling out OEM baffel on a XR650R?

ok i drilled out the baffel on my OEM exhuast tip. My dads 03 we got with the HRC exhuast tip and it sounds way better! so my question is, whats the diffornce?


I'm not sure which one is better; I wanted to be able to reinstall the stock tip if I ever had to. There are some differences - the opening on the inside of the pipe where the screen is, is larger on the HRC tip and would flow more exhaust. Also, the HRC tip isn't stamped "USFS Approved" like the stock tip and, if you ran into a by-the-book ranger, he may give you a hard time or even a ticket for not having an "approved" spark arrestor. If you do either, remove the plastic baffles in the airbox, and rejet, the bike takes on a whole new personality - really wakes it up.

The HRC tip is longer and makes it passed the second baffle inside the muffler can. Some have taken out that baffle wall or bent it back and down some. If ou take the baffles out all the way it makes a more hollow sound all to gether. It you just take out the second back its a nice deap sound. The stock tip has a small baffle thing on the back that most take off to help aslo. It is what fits through the baffle. Everyone I know has kept the spart arrestor on but, if it came off then it would flow better then the HRC and be louder. Remember that jetting changes when you allow the exhaust the flow better/more. The difference between an HRC tip and drilled out 2" stock tip is about half a main and half a needle clip at most. so, most wouldn't make a change if they haven't gone to lean.

Here are some pictures of the baffles that are inside.



I have completey cut off the spark arrestor on a stock tip, my suggestion is don't. Its very loud, and of course not a legal arrestor. Now I run the stock tip with the back baffle cut off and a 1.5 inch hole drilled in the solid end of the tip (whats showing on the inside end of the tip after you cut of that back baffle). Then took a wahser that fit over the end of the tip but exposed the 1.5 inch hole and bolted it on to hold a piece of screen in place, so it still a functional arrestor.

I have tried all sorts of wire scree and the only stuff that didnt eventually burn up was the stuff that I took off the spark arrestor setup that I origianly cut up.

Its loud, but not so bad that I worry about it.

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