Im new to suspension as in taking apart and fixing, I am capable of doing forks and what not but the shock i have trouble understanding...the main question i have...what the hell are shims....what do they do...ow do they work, i tried searching the web and on here with little to no avail rry if this is a repeat guys but I didnt have luck with the search feature

Shims create the valving characteristics of the fork and shock. Changing their size, thickness, quantity, order, and geometry changes how the suspension behaves under load. It's not really rocket science, but since there are many parts involved, the math to describe what's going on gets pretty involved.

Suffice it to say that each shim is like a little see-saw with a fulcrum point and an arm that deflects under load. Higher oil pressures due to the fork/shock movement cause them to deflect more. Thicker ones deflect less. Larger ones have longer arms, etc. Putting a bunch of these together in the right combination is what makes a fork/shock work well or poorly for a given riding condition.

here's a TTforum link with some info:

so how do you tell what size shims do what characteritic to the suspension, that thread explained all iw anted to know but that

there is no answer on this. Depending on which size (diameter) and thickness of shims you combine there are manifold results possible.

And there are other variables influencing the results.

Sure, with a certain experience it's easier to find a starting point or to know which combination of shims wouldn't work but there is no easy road to go and know which combination of shim will give you the desired results.

And that's why people are going out on the track and trying to find the right stack by trial and error.

A good read is Doggers sticky as well

Hehe, that's why I pay someone who does it for a living to tune my suspension. :D

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