white n yellow WR s

Wanting to do a project for the 07 WR450 by getting 2 diff sets of plastics so i can have either a white spec edition style wr or yellow 50th aniversary style WR by replacing the 2 guards 2 rad shrouds and colour coding the head light surround in matt black and getting a nuetral black seat cover to can any blue at all !! heard there was an issue about the yzf rad shrouds not lining up to the bolts properly on the wr tank?? as to get these seperate colours you have to buy yzf rad shrouds i dont want to buy a yz tank to fix this issue may consider long range tank to fix this issue if its true any one done this yet consider the looks you would get rolling up with what looks like a 50th anniversay edition wr lic LOL then your next ride you roll up on a special ed wr LOL!! cant wait !!!!!!!!:applause::ride:

Get an IMS YZ tank and shrouds and the aftermarket shrouds won't be an issue.

When I thought about doing the bike up in white I thought about painting the headlight shroud white, but black is a better idea :applause:

Someday my WR will be albino...

i have a pic of my albino dream wr after i hit it with photoshop !!

i could never find a rear fender in white.

you can now yamaha does white special editions etc

ahh well if I wasn't planning to sell mine, I'd do it. oh well, too late now huh

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