Can the valves be zeroed out and still start first kick hot or cold?

Just wondering if the valves can be bad and the bike run sweet and start first or second kick hot or cold? Thanks

it's possible but I highy doubt it...why?:confused:

just check them you lazy bum

not on my bike. was a beast to start cold when they zeroed

I did check them and they were good. I sold the bike and the new owner said he checked them right when he got home and he couldn't even get a .02 in with the feeler gauge. The bike starts right up no problem, I just think he is trying to sucker me into giving him some cash.

He's probably not checking them properly.

+1 on that. I'm always shocked by the amount of peole who can't use feeler gauges with any kind of accuracy, and the CRF450's are down in a hole, so it's even tougher. I use long-reach feelers and a bit of patience. One of my buddies has so much trouble checking the ones on his '04 he brings it to my house. The first time he checked them he was about to take the bike to the dealer to have the valves replaced. He tried checking them while the valve was open.

Yep, mine did. Would start cold first kick, somtimes it took a couple extra kicks hot. Started stalling every now and then at idle one weekend, never done that before, checked valves and both were closed. Other than that not a clue they were gone.

I had checked them a couple months before and they were good, don`t know how long they were closed.

The first time my 04 zeroed out it would absolutely not kick start, I had to pop the clutch on a very big hill and it would not run below 3K-4k RPM.

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