tire pressure??

ok so i'm about 6'1 255...i just got an 03 yz450f..the reccomended tire pressure is 15 psi...where i ride its tricky because it is extreme conditions both ways..half my riding is in soft packed dirt/sand..and the other half of my riding is on pure hard gravel roads...what should i do?..my suspension is all stock and set about 4 inches of sag.. any help? thanx-josh..p.s...i know i should switch my spring to a heavy one..but i can't afford to put anymore money into the bike..

on the x games last night they said you really dont even need to worry about tire pressure with a 4 stroke. they get traction pretty much everywhere.

i heard RC say that as well..thats wut sparked me to ask this question ,..bcuz as u knos..hes a small dude..the opposite of me..so i didnt know about bigger guys..thanx

I can say I have less than 9 in the front and about 6 in the rear, I can feel the tire collapsing at higher speed and it feels like a flat so a target pressure would be about 11 I think, 15 is too much to be competative

ya..i picked in between..i went with 12..so i'll see how it rides tomorrow

The "Rim Clean" method is the most accurate way of determining pressure. Remember, your pressure can be different on your bike, depending on if you use a standard tube, heavy-duty tube, or extra-heavy duty tube.

To use the "Rim Clean" method, make sure your rims are clean before riding. Go out and ride for awhile at what you think might be a "ball-park" figure..let's just say 12 p.s.i. for both the front and the rear.

After riding for awhile, (make sure there's some dirt/dust on the rims) look at your rims where the tire meets the rim, and you should see a strip of rim that has been "cleaned"....i.e. you'll see where the tire has actually rubbed off some of the dirt/dust. Measure this "clean" strip, and it should be right around 4mm in width. If there is no strip; than your pressure is too high, and needs to be reduced. If the clean strip is more than 4mm, than you are too low in pressure. All off-road tires are designed to "roll-over" the rim slightly. This is what gives the most accurate method of tire pressure.

sweet! im gonna deffinately check that from now on! thanx

I learned something handy today, thx!

I ride similar varied terrain... dirt/mud/sand that can turn into baseball size rocks. I use to go down to 12psi but because of the rocks I've found 15psi handles both pretty well, plus I can ride home on it. I'm using the Dunlop 606's.:thumbsup:

o ya!..these rocks by me are much larger than baseballs..and my bud flew past me on his kx250...lets just say i cheated getting my face bashed in by one of those sukkers..it was like a baseball and a half..it just came off his tire like nothing! never seen anything like it before!

12 psi on modern bikes in normal conditions. If wet I go down to about 10 rear and 11psi front.


ok so i should be just fine..i always ride in the dry stuff..no water for me! thanx for the help!

When you know your gonna ride different terrains set your tires for the worst, like sandy desert with hard pack and rocks set your tires for the hard pack n rocks cuz you definitely need to do what you can to prevent a flat. I have a spring I KNOW you say you dont have money but im not gonna sell for alot. If your wrenching a stock spring down that much to get your sag correct it will affect your whole shock alot. call me if your interested its a 5.4 and i think stock is like 5.1 or 5.2 Dennis 760-792-9398

my dads 05 yz450f has sand tires and me ride on sand mud and lime rock. It runs around 8 to 10 psi in both.

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