Jettting Question for Eddie


I think I dorked this up and initially posted this thread in the wrong spot! Anyway, I just moved from Colorado Springs to Seattle and most of my riding will be between 1000 and 4000ft. There was no problem at all with my jetting for the Colorado Rockies. I have two DRZs with jet kits so I need a little help with jet and needle numbers:

2000 DRZ 400S (Mikuni)

3x3 Airbox Mod

Leo Vince Slip-on

Dyno-Jet Kit


2002 DRZ 400E (FCR)

3x3 airbox

Big Gun Exo X Exhaust and Header Pipe

JD Jet Kit

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!


I did a search and found what I needed fo rthe 400s, but I really couldn't get a bead on the E settings. I still have the CE on. Any help on the E would be appreciated.

E model

160 main jet

blue needle clip 3

2 turns fuel screw

Thanks Eddie!

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